27 Oktober, 2007

Windows Vista Users in Trouble With the New Firefox

Mozilla rolled out Firefox a few days ago, being a version which was supposed to patch approximately 200 glitches. Although it fixed most of them, it appears that it also caused some others making the application a little buggy. However, Mike Beltzner of Mozilla wrote on the company’s blog that Firefox is currently in labs and might be released next week for all the users. The matter can be called “an update to fix the update” because the new patches will be released to repair the fixes which were launched a few days ago.

“The release fixed some 200 issues, but accidentally regressed a few things. Most users won’t see any difference or experience any problems, and those 200 fixes make the update very valuable, but you should never have to choose functionality over security. So we’re working fast to understand and fix these problems, and will shortly be issuing a update to address them,” the Mozilla official wrote on the company’s blogs.

According to the blog post, one of the main problems of the release of Firefox is the Java compatibility with Windows Vista, the latest operating system powered by the Redmond-headquartered company. It seems like every time a user tries to load a Java applet in the new Firefox, he gets an error saying “Java not found” or “Java not working”. It can be easily fixed by “right-clicking the Firefox icon and “Run as administrator”, then browsing to a page with a Java applet — doing this once will fix the problem and permanently restore Java functionality.” However, Mozilla wants to fix this by default so all the users would be able to access Java applets.

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