27 Oktober, 2007

Antivirus Protection for iPhones

Security company BitDefender rolled out a new virus definition for its antivirus technology in order to discover the malicious files used by attackers to exploit the reported vulnerabilities in Apple’s iPhones. In case you missed the news, it was said that an attacker can use a dangerous TIFF file in order to exploit the flaws from iPhone’s Safari browser. What’s most interesting is that the security holes where then used by the iPhone owners to unlock their devices and remove the restrictions applied by the Cupertino company. This way, they would be able to install any software they want without any limitation.

BitDefender reported that the flaw affects only the version 1.1.1 of the Apple iPhone firmware. Because the consumers would be able to install anything they like, they all need an antivirus technology able to defend their device against viruses and other types of malicious files which might harm their handheld. That’s why BitDefender decided to implement iPhone support into their antivirus technology which would offer the protection mentioned above.

“Owners of unlocked iPhones are especially at risk because installing a later version of the firmware is not an option for them, so the flaw will be present in their browser even after Apple releases a patch,” declared Razvan Stoica, BitDefender Communications Specialist. “We strongly advise installing and using BitDefender with the latest signature updates, especially for corporate or ISP gateways.”

Today’s viruses and malicious files target all kinds of devices and operating systems so there is no secret that you have to install a security software solution in order to remain protected and safe while using it. The iPhone is just an example, but the virus infections target all file formats and devices available at this time, including PC, mobile phone and several others.

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