27 Oktober, 2007

More Windows 7 Revelations

News of the next version of Windows, due out in 2010 and previously known as BlackCombe, then Vienna and now Windows 7 has been fairly thin on the ground since we last mentioned it back in July but a few more tantalising tid-bits have come our way recently.

As expected it marks a significant change in direction for Microsoft with the emphasis on small, and compact and it has already been dubbed ‘MinWin’. According to one report the Windows 7 core or ‘kernel’, does away with all the fangly bits we associate with Vista and XP, resulting in slimmed down versions of that use only 25Mb of disc space (Vista takes up 4Gb of space). The idea is that unlike an all-singing, all-dancing operating system MinWin will provide a bare-bones base upon which developers and users will add the extra building blocks or layers they require, depending on the hardware and applications it is going to be used for.

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