07 April, 2007

What is Nanotechnology ?

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nano“Nanotechnology’ is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale” . It has probably the most potential from all developing technology branches.

“Nanotechnology is often referred to as a general-purpose technology. That’s because in its mature form it will have significant impact on almost all industries and all areas of society. It offers better built, longer lasting, cleaner, safer, and smarter products for the home, for communications, for medicine, for transportation, for agriculture, and for industry in general”(Mike Treder from crnano.typepad.com)

If this technology will be fully developed in 20-30 years, like the scientists affirm, the possibilities will be infinite and scary in the same time.

The biggest positive impact will be in the medical domain. Human cells repaired with nanorobots, cancer killed with synthetics antibodies, faster human bodies improved by nanocells, surgery made at nano accuracy by invisible robots for the human eye and more things that we don’t even think.

Humans are living longer lives, yet infectious diseases and cancer continue to kill millions annually. Because of an aging population there could be a 50% increase of new cancer cases by the year 2020. Nanotechnology will enhance the quality of life for human beings through medical diagnostics, drug delivery and customized therapy.

Another domain that will benefit largely is the military one. They will be able to make small armies of nanorobots, practically invisible for the human eye, that at an given command will destroy the cells of the victim, killing him without a trace.

Also lighter planes, faster spaceships, stronger armor, the options are infinite. But if we aren’t prepared for nanotechnology this could mean our end. Smart nanorobots infected with a lethal disease, spreading on the planet? That’s not a pretty image.

The people that await this technology more then anyone else are the Crionics scientist. They need nanotechnology to reconstruct the cells of frozen patients. If Crionics will be possible in the next 20-50 years due to nanotechnology then we will have a great advantage: immortality and a bigg disadvantage: planet agglomeration due to the decreased rate of deaths.

I say decreased rate of deaths because we won’t die from natural causes but accidents still can occur. No nanotechnology will be capable to bring you back after an explosion.

I hope this article helped you understand what nanotechnology is. I will post constantly nanotechnology related articles, so keep your eyes opened.


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