27 Oktober, 2007

Clean out unneeded Services quickly

Windows Vista has around 130 services. True, not all of them are running, but most are set to default to run when necessary. Over half of them start up on a default machine. Your first step towards tweaking vista should be to disable services that you frankly have no need for. They are just running aimlessly.

There are two options here. You can manually go through all 129 services with the aid of our In-depth guide to help you determine if you might need a service (dependencies and what depends on a given service are listed), or you can run one of our custom Registry files which will allow you to try out several tweaked settings. Don’t worry, if you mess up your services, or you don’t like the results of the tweaked settings, you can always go back to the default settings with one of the handy default reg files on the same page.

Thats pretty much it. Realize that:

* Default: The service will not run on default, but if requested to by any other process, it will start up.
* Automatic: Start up this service right on computer load.
* Automatic (Delayed Start):Start up this service on computer boot, but starting it up can wait until after user is logged in. The startup of the process can be delayed/set to a lower priority.
* Disabled: The service will not run, even if requested to.

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