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PC Magazine : May 22, 2007

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Mozilla Firefox / Firefox RC2

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Firefox is a free, open-source web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and is based on the Mozilla codebase. It is small, fast and easy to use, and offers many advantages over Internet Explorer, such as the ability to block pop-up windows.

Download : fMozilla Firefox RC2
Download : Firefox RC2

Software for Starving Students v2007.01, AIO

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Software for Starving Students is a free collection of programs organized for students (but available to anyone). We've gathered a list of best-in-class programs onto one CD (one disc for OS X, one for Windows), including a fully-featured office suite, a cutting-edge web browser, multi-media packages, academic tools, utilities and more.

What software is on the CD?
* 7-Zip
* Ant Renamer
* Audacity
* Blender
* BZFlag
* Celestia
* ClamWin
* DeepBurner Free
* Dia
* Enigma
* Eraser
* Exact Audio Copy
* FileZilla
* Firefox
* Freeciv
* Gaim
* GIMPShop
* GLtron
* GNU Chess
* Icebreaker
* Inkscape
* Juice Receiver
* KeePass
* MozBackup
* OpenOffice.org
* Paint.NET
* PDFCreator
* Portable Apps
* POV-Ray
* SolarWolf
* Spybot S&D
* Stellarium
* SuperTux
* The GIMP Toolkit
* Thunderbird
* Tortoise SVN
* Tux Paint
* Tux Racer
* Tux Typing 2
* WinDirStat
* Wink
* winLAME
* WinSCP
* µTorrent

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Download :

Professional Assembly Programming

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Professional Assembly Language
by Richard Blum
Publisher: Indianapolis, IN : Wrox - February 2005
Subjects: Assembler language (Computer program language)
Format: PDF
ISBN: 978-0-7645-9561-5 | OCLC: 57756675


* Unlike high-level languages such as Java and C++, assembly language is much closer to the machine code that actually runs computers; it's used to create programs or modules that are very fast and efficient, as well as in hacking exploits and reverse engineering
* Covering assembly language in the Pentium microprocessor environment, this code-intensive guide shows programmers how to create stand-alone assembly language programs as well as how to incorporate assembly language libraries or routines into existing high-level applications
* Demonstrates how to manipulate data, incorporate advanced functions and libraries, and maximize application performance
* Examples use C as a high-level language, Linux as the development environment, and GNU tools for assembling, compiling, linking, and debugging

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: What Is Assembly Language?
Chapter 2: The IA-32 Platform.
Chapter 3: The Tools of the Trade.
Chapter 4: A Sample Assembly Language Program.
Chapter 5: Moving Data.
Chapter 6: Controlling Execution Flow.
Chapter 7: Using Numbers.
Chapter 8: Basic Math Functions.
Chapter 9: Advanced Math Functions.
Chapter 10: Working with Strings.
Chapter 11: Using Functions.
Chapter 12: Using Linux System Calls.
Chapter 13: Using Inline Assembly.
Chapter 14: Calling Assembly Libraries.
Chapter 15: Optimizing Routines.
Chapter 16: Using Files.
Chapter 17: Using Advanced IA-32 Features.

Download :

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Microsoft Windows Vista Unveiled

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Download :

AIO E-Books Windows XP & Vista

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Bagi antum yang memerlukan link-link E-Book tentang Windows XP ataupun Windows Vista, semoga link-link Ebook ini dapat menambah pengetahuan antum untuk mempelajari Win XP & Vista lebih lanjut.., tapi ingat...., jangan ke-asyikan belajar perkara yang mubah..., tambahkan semangat antum untuk mempelajari Al Qur'an was Sunnah dengan pemahaman Salafus Sholeh, karena itu merupakan kewajiban setiap muslim... agar selamat hidup di dunia dan akhirat.

Berikut link-link nya :

Windows XP Gigabook for Dummies

Windows Vista Inside Out

Introducing Microsoft Windows Vista

Its Never Done That Before A Guide to Toubleshooting Windows XP

Fixing Windows XP Annoyances

11 Ways to Search Without Google

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As of this writing, Google doesn’t own the whole world. But it does have a solid lock on our browsing habits. Want proof? Try typing “good” into the address bar of your browser did you accidentally type “goog”? Yeah, me too. When a coworker heard I was writing this story, he asked (semi-jokingly) “but if I’m using a different search engine, how will I get Google results back?”

Depending on who you ask, Google accounts for between 40 and 50-something percent of the search engine market (add in Yahoo and MSN and the figure jumps to around 90 percent). And rightly so the service gives speedy results and has a very good user interface.

But don’t you ever want to try a different search engine, just to see where it takes you? After all, Google’s search results are based on relevance and popularity, so scrolling through Google results isn’t the best way to get off the beaten path and discover new Web territory.

Here, for your surfing pleasure, are 11 ways to do exactly that. Included in our list are sites like ChaCha.com, where a real live “Guide” takes your query and returns related results tailor-made to your specifications. The service is free, and is quirky enough to be a lot of fun (a friend of mine learned first-hand that if you flirt with your guide, sometimes they’ll flirt back, though of course that’s against ChaCha policy). The service doesn’t require any registration, and it’s completely free.

StumbleUpon gives you thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons in your toolbar and lets you rate pages and sites you come across. As StumbleUpon learns your preferences, it gets better at directing you to stuff you’ll like. There’s also a social aspect; you can add other people with similar interests to your friends list, and their preferences will further refine your search results. StumbleUpon’s Web site can be slow at times, but it’s a great way to find Web content you wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise.

Check out the rest of our non-Google search picks in our slideshow.

Firefox Extensions that Cut Your Working Time in Half

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Today as i was praying to make 100$ until the end of the month as i currently make a lame 60-67$/month something struck me, i work every day searching for new articles, thinking of new How Tos to make and while i do this i use lots of Firefox extensions that make my work last half of its normal time.

I cant imagine my internet life without these useful extensions, and all of you probably have a set of addons that you install as soon as you reinstall Microsoft Windows. Here are my personal favorites.

1. Search Status
Probably the most popular of all extensions at this time. Once installed a small status bar appears in the lower right corner. As you navigate from page to page the bar will indicate the page’s Google Page Rank and the Alexa Page Rank.
If you are interested, Install Search Status.

2. AdSense Notifier
Many of you probably use AdSense as the first source of income, as i do to. And many times we change the way we putt AdSense on the page, after that we check the AdSense account to see if anything has changed or if we made some extra money.

In order to save the time needed to go to Adsense page and log in and then check our money status, i use AdSense Notifier which after install, will appear right next to your Search Status bar showing you how much money you have and it will update at 15 minutes or more, depending on how you set it. You can install it from here: Install AdSense Notifier

3. DownThemAll
Probably the best download manager I’ve ever used payed or free. Very constant, no errors, fast and capabilities to get the download URL. Something that it’s a must if you download often, software or music/files. I found it very useful when the download button from a website was hard to find among ads and pop ups, so i saved the direct ftp address and later clicked on it and instant download at my disposal. Install DownThemAll

4.Gmail Manager
I use Gmail, yes i admit from my opinion is the best service mail, it has some problems with it spam training but it’s still the best. Why log in every time you want to see if you’ve got mail or open Thunderbird? maybe you open it for no reason and you’ve got no mail.

Another very useful extension for Firefox is Gmail Manager which is a small status bar right next to Search Status , which searches for mail in your account in 1 click or alerts you automatically when you’ve got mail.

Great manager that saves me some more time. Install Gmail Manager
In the bad days when i have to send mail, receive mail from bloggers, link exchange or any work that includes sending mail/receiving mail this extension is a wonderful time saver, I recommend it for anyone.

5. ShowCase
Use it! Especially if you are multitasking, it’s especially created for multitaskers, those of you that always have opened at least 20 tabs and 3 windows al over the screen, “alt-Tabbing” all over the place, seems familiar? I’m sure it does.

What does it do? it shows all the opened tabs and windows as thumbnails(F12), then you just click the one you want. Improves greatly the working time and saves you from clicking all the tabs to find the one you need it. But off course if you aren’t a multitasker it’s not for you. Install Showcase

6. FireBug
Webdeveloper? Then this is a must have, you can see the HTML of a certain page, it’s CSS, the scripts from the page and many more, a great extension for programers too. Install FireBug

7. Measurelt
For months i designed web pages without this wonderful tool until i got it from a fellow programmer, damn it spares some time!

Install it and it will appear in the lower left corner of the page. With it you can measure any button, any line or drawing and instantly find out it’s dimensions, it’s a life saver. Install Measurelt

What are the Best Tools for Removing Spyware, Adware, and Malware?

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If you have been on the Internet for any length of time, you’ve probably ran across the topic of spyware, adware, or malware. This is software that has installed on your computer, many times without your permission, or accidentally by clicking on a popup ad, etc. The problem with these programs is they will slow your computer down, make changes to your desktop, homepage, search page, load programs into your taskbar tray and otherwise get in the way. In the worst cases, they will even transmit information from your computer to servers on the Internet.

So the question becomes, if your computer is infected with these problematic programs, how do you get rid of them. In most cases, you can run a free removal program to remove these infections, in more serious cases, you may have to download a specialized removal program to free yourself of these problems.

Listed below you will find the best freeware programs available on the Internet for removing spyware, adware, and malware:

Adware and Spyware Removal
Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE 1.06
Spybot Search and Destroy 1.4
Microsoft Windows Defender

Ewido Anti-Malware
a² (a-squared) Scanner

Preventing the Installation of Adware and Spyware
SpywareBlaster 3.5.1
SpywareGuard 2.2

Specialized Removal Programs
About:Buster - Removal of CWS HomeSearch Hijacker or res:// hijacker
CWShredder 2.19 - CoolWebSearch Removal Tool from Trend Micro
Elite Toolbar Remover
I-Lookup Toolbar Uninstallers - Version 1 and Version 2
Incredifind and PerfectNav Uninstaller
Kill2Me - Removal of Look2Me infections
Lop.com Uninstaller
OmegaKiller for removing hijackers like
Omegasearch.com Prosearching.com. Search200.com. Mysearchnow.com. Searchexe.com
SmitRem for removing Spyaxe, SpySheriff, Winhound and others
VX2.BetterInternet for XP/2000 for Removing Look2Me
VX2.BetterInternet for Windows 9X for Removing Look2Me
WildTangent Remover

Programs to Delete Undeletable Files
Pocket Killbox
Remove on Reboot Shell Extension

Helpful Tools for Investigating Adware and Spyware Infections
HijackThis 1.99.1 by Merijn
SysInternals Process Explorer
Sysinterals RootkitRevealer

Online Virus Checkers
Trend Micro Housecall - will scan and remove threats
BitDefender Scan Online - will scan and remove threats
Ewido Online Scanner - will scan and remove threats
Jotti’s Online Malware Scan
Kaspersky Online Scanner - appears to only scan for but not remove threats
Panda Activescan - appears to only scan for but not remove threats
McAfee FreeScan - appears to only scan for but not remove threats
eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner - will scan and remove threats
Symantec Security Check - will scan and remove threats
Dr.Web Online Check - user can upload and test for threats on particular files

Trojan Scanner
TrojanScan by WindowsSecurity.com

Free Antivirus Programs to Download

TCP/IP and Winsock Repair Utilities for Windows XP and 2000
LSPFix by Cexx.org
Winsock XP Fix
XP TCP/IP Repair utility

IEFix Utility for correcting Internet Explorer problems

Debugging JavaScript with Firefox

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Here are some miscellaneous tips for debugging HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox.

They include references to Firefox extensions (plug-ins) that you will need or want, as well as tips for configuring Firefox, how to actually invoke the debugging procedures, and a few shortcuts to keep in mind. A number of landmines are also pointed out along the way. (Please avoid stepping on those, because it gets messy.)

Minimally Required Firefox Extensions:

- Does your installation of Firefox have a DOM Inspector option on the Tools menu? If not, reinstall Firefox with the Developer Tools option turned on (Custom | Developer Tools).
- Install the Web Developer Extension (http://chrispederick.com/work/webdeveloper/), if you have not already done so.
- Install the JavaScript Debugger (aka. Venkman, http://www.mozilla.org/projects/venkman/).

Optional Firefox Extensions:

- Install View Source Chart (http://jennifermadden.com/scripts/ViewRenderedSource.html)
- Install the Load Time Analyzer (by Google).
- If you are running on Windows, you might want to install IE Tab (http://ietab.mozdev.org/).
- 200+ other developer extensions are listed at https://addons.mozilla.org/search.php?cat=4.

Change the registered owner of your PC

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Would you like the change the registered owner and organization for your Windows Vista installation? Follow these steps below to make the registry changes necessary:

1. Click on the Start Button and type in regedit and hit Enter.
2. Navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Microsoft, Windows NT and CurrentVersion.
3. Right click on RegisteredOwner and select Properties.
4. Enter in the new RegisteredOwner value.
5. Right click on RegisteredOrganization and select Properties.
6. Enter in the new RegisteredOrganization value.
7. Close Registry Editor.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

Tricks When Opening/Saving Files (Windows)

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Did you know that the Open Dialog Box, and the Save Dialog Box that are common to most Windows programs contain much of the functionality of the Windows Explorer? The window pane that shows the list of files available to open (or to overwrite) is essentially a miniature Explorer, and as with Windows Explorer, there are a myriad of viewing and sorting features available. You can even do things like delete files, rename files, copy files to the clipboard, and more.

The default display is list view, but it can be changed icon views, the detail view, and even the thumbnail view. In the details view, the columns can be sorted. Most of the functions that are available in the context menu of the Windows Explorer are also available here.

When bringing up the context menu (right-click), you’ll notice that a “Select” option is added to the top. This is the default behavior for a dialog box, “select” meaning to return the name of the selected file(s) to the program that invoked the dialog box. Note: Do not confuse “Select” with “Open”, which launches (another instance of) whatever program is associated with the file name extension.

Tip #1: Open Files by Age — Say that you want to open a Microsoft Word document that you know to exist in a certain folder, but you cannot remember the name of it and there are hundreds of Word documents in that folder. But you do recall that it was one of the oldest documents in that folder. Changing the display in the open dialog to list view allows you to get at the date modified attribute of each file. (Note: you may have to adjust the size of the dialog box first, or squeeze some of the leftmost columns, in order to see the date modified column). Click on the column heading to sort it in ascending order (oldest files on top). Click on the column heading again to sort it in descending order (newest files on top).

Tip #2: Rename as You Save — Say that you’ve been working on a document and you suddenly realize that you’ve been saving it with the wrong name. Maybe you are working on last year’s financial statement but accidentally named it “financials_2007.doc” when it should have been “financials_2006.doc”. You can certainly do a Save-As (F12) and give it the correct name, which will create a second copy of the file with the correct name, but it will leave the unwanted original file behind as well. So, here’s how to avoid that:

- Invoke the Save-As dialog box (F12).
- Adjust the view until the existing name (the wrong name) is visible by scrolling or sorting.
- Right-click on the wrong name and select “Rename”.
- Change it to the correct name.
- Select that as the save-as name.
- When Windows asks if you want to overwrite the file, answer Yes.

Tip #3: Open Multiple Files at Once — Multi-select usually works here (depending on the program). in case you’re not aware, here’s how multi-select works (in Windows, and in most Windows programs):

- To select multiple items in a row, click on the item at the start of the range (or the end of the range) to highlight that one item. Then, hold down the shift key while clicking on the item at the other end of the range.
- To additively select individual items, hold down the control key while clicking on them.
- To deselect an individual item that has already been selected (either via a shift-click or a control-click), hold down the control key while clicking on it.

How to optimize (speed up) your Windows XP or Vista in 30 seconds?

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Ever wonder how easy it is to speed your Windows Vista machine and make it run faster? Yes, it’s so simple that you don’t need to be a computer technician to accomplish this.
Microsoft has done a fabulous job to improve overall reliability as well as security in Windows Vista. I meant much better than Windows XP, and yet, there are some reports showing that Vista is outperformed by Windows XP to some extent. But don’t worry, we are going to show you how to improve the perfermance of Windows Vista in 30 seconds. Yes, only 30 seconds!
Less is more. This applies to Windows XP as well. Visual effects (graphics and animation) is one of the main culprits that occupy most of the system resource and slowing your computer. By disabling visual effects, your machine gain dramatic improvement on performance. Here’s how you do it in Windows Vista:

1. Right-click on “My Computer” (if you don’t see it on your desktop, you can access it from Start->Computer)
2. Then choose “Properties“, and then click on “Advanced system settings“.
3. From “Advanced“, click on “Settings“.
4. Then check “Adjust for best performance” under “Visual Effects“.
5. Click Apply then OK.

That’s it! Do you see how simple it is? You don’t need to purchase the latest hardware to boost the performance on your computer!

Windows Vista: Installing the Upgrade on a Blank Hard Drive

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Ok, I bought Windows Vista Business Upgrade the other day so I could start playing with it. Since I didnt want to mess up the configuration of my current computer, I thought I would install Vista on a blank hard drive.

Sounds easy enough, after all the previous versions of Windows required you to have a legitimate copy of an older Windows operating system and simply asked for that copy during the install so they could verify upgrade compliance.

Before installing Windows Vista, I ran the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor on my current system. As I suspected, my video card was not up to Vista standards and the 512MB of RAM was on the low end of what Vista wanted. So, I purchased a NVIDIA chipset video controller with 256MB of RAM and increased the amount of system memory to 1GB before proceeding. These upgrades drained my pocketbook of another $120.00 beyond the cost of the Vista Business upgrade.

Now I was ready to proceed with installing Vista and seeing what all the “wow!” was about.

Installing Vista

After adding the new blank hard drive and setting the computer to boot from DVD, I placed the Windows Vista DVD in the drive and started the installation. I then Choose “Install Now” and proceeded to wait. After a few more screen, I was given the message that I was unable to install this upgrade version of Vista. What? It didnt even ask for my Windows XP CD?

It seems you cannot install the upgrade version on Vista on a perfectly blank hard drive without a workaround. The trick is to install a trial version of Vista, then install the upgrade version over the top so Windows has something to upgrade. Follow the procedure below to do this:

1) Install your blank hard drive and place the Windows Vista DVD in the bootable drive
2) Boot your computer from the Windows Vista DVD
3) Choose Install Now
4) Dont Put Product Key in just click Next
5) Answer No to the question “Do you Want to Enter Your Product Key Now”
6) Select the Version of Windows Vista you purchased and check the box “I have selected the edition of Windows that I purchased” click Next

The following versions are listed

Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Home Basic N
Windows Vista Business N
Windows Vista Starter

The Starter edition is only offered in emerging countries where piracy is rampant to combat illegal copies, while the N versions are distributed in the European Union countries.

7 ) Check the box to accept the license terms and click Next
8 ) Continue with the normal setup of the trial version
9 ) After setup finishes and you are on the Windows Desktop, run the setup program again from within Windows Vista
10) During the setup, Choose Custom (advanced) when it asks what type of installation you want. This will perform a clean install of Windows Vista
11) Select the hard drive you want to install to and click Next

When you are finished you can delete the Windows.OLD folder on the hard drive from the trial installation. Then you can activate Windows Vista and register it.

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Blue Screen Error Message during Windows Vista Installation

During the installation, I received the annoying message above and the system froze every time. I traced this error to some incompatible drivers for the NVIDIA chipset card I had installed prior to installing Windows Vista. It seems even though the outside of the box proclaims Windows Vista compatibility the drivers on the CD aren’t quite up to par.

I removed the video card and installed Windows Vista without the Aero interface and high end graphic features and the installation proceeded smoothly. After I returned to the desktop, I visited NVIDIA’s support site and downloaded the latest graphic drivers for my card and installed them. Finally, I shut down the system, installed the new graphics controller and rebooted.

Everything appeared to load correctly, but I was presented with a driver installation screen asking to find the correct drivers. I pointed them to the NVIDIA drivers and the computer installed them and rebooted. Then I was presented with the same driver installation AGAIN! After further investigation, the drivers it was looking for were for the built in video controller. I quickly disabled it and problem was solved.

After installation was finished, I proceeded to the Performance Information and Tools section of System and Maintence and told the computer to update my Windows Experience Index score. This score ranges from 1 to 5.9 based on the CPU, RAM, Graphic Card, and Hard Drive installed in the computer. This base score gives you an indication of how your hardware will run with Windows Vista. The lowest score for any component becomes your score.


Based on my fight to install Windows Vista upgrade on a previously purchased computer and the cost involved in increasing the RAM and video card, it might be wise to purchase Windows Vista preinstalled on your next computer than to try upgrading an older one to use it. Although as they always say, Your Mileage May Vary.

It also seems at least where Dell is concerned that Windows XP is not dead just yet. According to a post on one of their blogs on April 19, 2007 Windows XP will still be offered as an installed operating system on some systems.

Make XP boot even Faster

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Microsoft has chosen a completely different path for XP and it’s boot features by trying to incorporate as much support for newer fastboot BIOSes that are on most current motherboards. They built XP in such a way as to make it able to take advantage of features in these new BIOSes, and one of the coolest things is a small application called bootvis.

Bootvis watches everything that loads at boot time, from the moment the OS begins to load just after POST (Power On Self-Test) to the moment you get to a usable Desktop. Some programs, most notably Norton AntiVirus 2007, suck up valuable seconds before you can actually DO anything even though you’re at the Desktop. bootvis generates a trace file that you load and can then “see” a visual representation of what’s happening. Every file, driver, hard drive read/write, etc., is recorded. You can then use bootvis to optimize the loading of files during the boot sequence. bootvis will rearrange the ways these very files are stored on the hard drive, thereby improving the boot time dramatically.

Make Windows XP Act Like Vista

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Not thrilled about spending a bundle on Vista–and dealing with potential bugs and hardware upgrades? Stick with XP, and use these tools to emulate the Vista experience.

The Hassle: I’m trying to resist moving to Vista. How can I make XP perform like the new Windows OS?

The Fix(es): You can be a holdout (like me) and use a few XP-based freebies that do a surprisingly good job of emulating some of Vista’s fancy graphical features. The first three apps listed below are my favorites. You can find all of the free tools and more online at “Add Vista Features to XP.”

Copernic Desktop Search: Vista’s search is fast and smart–and so is Copernic’s, with keyword, file content, Boolean, and wildcard searches. If you don’t like the look and feel of Copernic, Google Desktop makes a good substitute.

Desktop Sidebar: Vista has a handy Windows sidebar with calendars, calculators, a quick link to your media player, and RSS feeds. Desktop Sidebar offers similar features, with zillions of add-ons, including a file browser, a weather summary, news updates, and an e-mail checker. Too complicated for you? Then try the simpler LaunchBar Commander, which lets you create multiple on-screen panels (called docks) for launching various applications and documents.

Vista Start Menu SE: This utility creates a fair imitation of Vista’s Start menu, but adds functions that Vista lacks–built-in shortcut keys to frequently used Windows functions such as Reboot, Switch Users, and Hibernate. Another great alternative for organizing apps and files is JetStart Free; it’s faster than Vista Start Menu SE, but less fancy. (Choose just one of these tools.)

Visual Task Tips: This clever tool pops up a preview–a miniature image–of the open window in the taskbar. Scroll your mouse wheel up or down on the image to resize it.
Folder Marker: Customize your folder icons and icon backgrounds with Vista icons. Folder Marker is a snap to use, and you can visit Horizon Software to download a bunch of Vista icons. (Choose icons of the Ico file type.)

If you haven’t had enough (and I know you haven’t), read “Why Wait for Vista?” Scott Dunn’s take on tools that give your PC the look of Vista without the annoying underlying operating system.

WindowBlinds 5: One prominent Vista feature you might like is Windows Glass, the semitransparent, colored window edges that Windows Aero has. WindowBlinds 5 provides skins–visual styles and themes–that allow you to change the look and feel of many parts of Windows XP. For example, this $20 program lets you modify toolbar icons, the Start Menu and Start button, menu and dialog borders, and the taskbar and title bar. Get the Vista Plus Version 2 skin at the WinCustomize site.

Opera 9.2 Web browser

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What is Opera?
Opera is a powerful tool that gives you more options when surfing the Web. It is faster, safer and easier to use than your current browser. We designed Opera to fit your life - whether you want to have more fun, get more done or express your style.

Why should I download Opera when I already have another browser?
If you use Internet Explorer you are more likely to be subjected to dangerous software such as viruses and spyware. Opera is more secure, and takes up less of your computer's memory. With its unique features Opera lets you browse the Web more efficiently and helps you stay more productive online. Opera also has an integrated e-mail program so you no longer need to use one program for browsing and another for e-mailing, unless you wish to do so.

What will happen to my current browser if I download Opera?
Nothing. Opera will not make any changes to your old browser or settings.

What makes Opera more secure than Internet Explorer?
Opera's tight code is designed to keep hazards out. Our team works constantly to stay ahead of any security threats and keep you safer online. We don't want to bore you with a lot of words, so you can read about our security improvements here.
Fact: Opera has a better security track record than any other browser.

Can I transfer my personal favorites and bookmarks?
Yes and it's easy. We tell you how on the first page you see when you open Opera.

Do I have to uninstall my current browser before I install Opera?
No. In fact, some other browsers cannot be removed because they come with the software on your computer.

Download :

07 Mei, 2007

Nero LINUX Beta

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NeroLINUX is a comprehensive, yet flexible application provided you have some prior knowledge of CD/DVD technologies. It uses NeroAPI for low-level operations (burn process), Supports hot plug for external USB devices, without any application restart, Stores and reloads compilations in XML format, Fully compatible with FreeDB, Supports the new 2.6 IDE driver interface, Audio encoding and decoding done on the fly, using external utilities (mpg123, ogg123), and Supports 2.4 and 2.6 kernel flavors.

NeroLINUX is free of charge if you register a Full Version of Nero Software Version 6.3 or higher.
Download : NeroLINUX Beta

For Debian based Systems: neroLinux for Debian

µTorrent 1.7 Beta Build 1703

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µTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint. It was designed to use as little cpu, memory and space as possible while offering all the functionality expected from advanced clients.

2007-05-06: Version 1.7 (build 1703)
- Change: Prioritize seed queue based off seed/peer ratio (use_seed_peer_ratio)
- Change: Sort advanced settings by name
- Fix: Some ancient modal dialog bugs where nonmodal dialogs could get activated
- Fix: Bug where one addtorrent dialog could get activated when another was already active
- Fix: Don't repeatedly retry to start if another uTorrent window is discovered but hung
- Fix: uTorrent continues normal startup if another uTorrent instance is detected and exits;previously it would inform the user uTorrent was already running and exit
- Fix: incorrect DHT announce interval
Download : µTorrent 1.7 Beta Build 1703 (201 kB)

Amerika, Produsen Cracker Terbesar Dunia

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Sebagian dari kita mungkin mengira bahwa Cina dan Rusia lah negara para Cracker dimana ancaman Cracking dan Phising berasal.

Menurut laporan Symantec, sebagian besar serangan online berasal dari Amerika. Menurut Internet Security Threat Report yang dikeluarkan Symantec, Amerika menduduki peringkat pertama yang melancarkan 31 persen serangan online, disusul Cina yang menyumbang 10 persen serangan dan Jerman dengan 7 persen serangan.

Symantec mengatakan setidaknya lebih dari setengan server yang digunakan untuk melancarkan phising secara fisik berada di Amerika. Dan dari server-server inilah dijual nomor-nomor kartu kredit seharga 1-6 US dolar per nomor. Pelaku kejahatan online dapat menggunakan nomor-nomor ini untuk mendaftarkan kartu kredit tambahan atau melakukan transaksi ilegal.

Selain “menawarkan” kartu kredit, server-server ini juga menawarkan data-data yang lebih komplit yang biasa diperlukan untuk proses verifikasi seperti tanggal kelahiran dan nomor identitas. Data-data tambahan ini dijual sekitar 4-6 US dolar per akun. Dan tidak diperlukan seorang jenius untuk menjelaskan apa yang dapat dilakukan seorang penjahat online dengan data-data tersebut.

Memory Card Reader di USB Flash Drive

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Memory Card Reader di USB Flash Drive

KINGSTON Technology Company, Inc mengumumkan Data Traveler Reader terbaru. Sebuah flash memory drive USB 2.0 yang memiliki kapasitas hingga 4 GB.
Selain itu flash memory drive ini memiliki slot ekspansi SD/MMC yang dapat membaca sembilan jenis memory card yang berbeda, termasuk Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC).

Saat ini konsumen cenderung sering bepergian dibandingkan sebelumnya. Kebutuhan untuk menyimpan dan berbagi informasi digital telah meningkat secara dramatis.

Data Traveler Reader adalah cara yang tepat untuk menangkap, menyimpan, dan berbagi foto, video, serta dokumen dalam sebuah alat yang aman dan berukuran kecil, tambah Chen.

Kingston Data Traveler Reader tersedia dalam beberapa kapasitas : 1 GB, 2GB, dan 4 GB. Piranti ini memiliki kompatibilitas dengan Mac (OS 10x atau yang lebih baru) dan Windows (2000, XP, dan Vista). USB reader-nya kompatibel dengan SD Card dan SDHC. Untuk beberapa jenis card seperti miniSD, microSD, MMC, MMCplus, RS-MMC, MMC Mobile, dan MMCmicro, USB Reader membutuhkan adapter tambahan yang terpisah.

Ketika dikoneksikan ada USB Port komputer, Data Traveler Reader akan tampil sebagai dua drive berbeda, contoh, G:\ dan H:\. Satu drive berperan sebagai internal storage untuk Reader ini, dan satu lagi untuk slot ekspansi. Pengguna dapat dengan mudah berkerja dengan dua drive tersebut, mentransfer data ke dan dari USB Drive ataupun memory card yang ditancapkan ke dalam Data Traveler Reader.
Kingston Data Traveler Reader akan tersedia pada mulai bulan Maret 2007 ini melalui distributor, dealer, dan toko-toko IT terkemuka.

Indonesia, Go Open Source !!!

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Suatu upaya nasional dalam rangka memperkuat sistem teknologi informasi nasional serta pemanfaatan perkembangan teknologi informasi global melalui pengembangan dan pemanfaatan Open Source Software (OSS).

Open Source Software (OSS)

Perangkat lunak yang dikembangkan secara bersama-sama, menggunakan kode program (source code) yang tersedia secara bebas, serta dapat didistribusikan.

1. Perangkat lunak dapat didistribusikan bebas disertai kode program.
2. Dapat dimodifikasi dan dikembangkan lebih lanjut secara bebas.
3. Tidak ada perbedaan lisensi perorangan dan kelompok.
4. Dapat berupa OSS pada Operating System (Linux) atau aplikasi lainnya.

Open Source Software, bukan sekedar produk yang dapat menggantikan software-software mahal, tetapi lebih pada terbukanya peluang berinovasi dengan kode-kode yang terbuka untuk dikembangkan menjadi berbagai aplikasi lainnya.

Open Source Software sendiri merupakan software yang berbasis pada kode-kode terbuka, dapat dimanfaatkan siapapun dan dikembangkan secara gratis. Ini membedakan dengan software proprietari yang dijual dengan harga puluhan hingga ribuan dolar AS.(Sumber: Kusmayanto Kadiman)

Hal penting dari migrasi ke Open Source Software adalah perlunya meninggalkan software ilegal menuju software yang legal. Dengan dikembangkannya Open Source Software, masyarakat bisa memilih mau yang proprietari tetapi mahal atau yang produk Open Source Software yang gratis, keduanya sama-sama legal. Jadi yang penting yakinkan bahwa Open Source Software itu adalah pilihan cerdas.(Sumber: Cahyana Ahmadjayadi)

Mari bulatkan tekan dan satukan langkah kita songsong masa depan Indonesia yang cerdas dan berwibawa dengan menggunakan software legal.

Info Lanjutan, baca di :

CPU-Z 1.40 - Freeware

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CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system.

Download: CPU-Z 1.40

Winamp 5.34a Security Patch

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Winamp 5.34a Security Patch includes a patched version of in_mp4.dll (v1.22) which fixes the MP4 file parsing buffer overflow vulnerability issue. The vulnerability is caused due to an error within the handling of MP4 files and can be exploited to cause memory corruption via a specially crafted MP4 file. Successful exploitation allows execution of arbitrary code.
Note: if you didn't install support for MP4/M4A in the first place (WinampPluginsin_mp4.dll), then you don't need the patch.

Download: Winamp 5.34a Security Patch

ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.90.2

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ClamWin is a Free Antivirus for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003. It provides a graphical user interface to the Clam AntiVirus engine. It features a command line interface for scanning files, updating the virus definitions, and a daemon for faster scanning needed on high performance systems.

ClamWin Free Antivirus For Windows is a completely free and open source anti-virus software package. It uses the GNU General Public License by the Free Software Foundation.

Download : ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.90.2