27 Oktober, 2007

How to Manage Your Gmail Storage Size

Recently, the Mountain View company Google received a new service which allows users to buy additional storage size for their account but is currently compatible only with Gmail and Picasa Web Albums. Because the purchased storage space addresses the Google account, you can use it for any service you need. But there is a problem. Some of the users are interested in using the Gmail storage size, the one offered for free by Google, for Picasa Web Albums or vice-versa. Well, that’s simply not possible. Google permits the users to share the storage size only if they bought additional space so if you want to split the Gmail storage in order to use it for Picasa photos, you can’t.

“Paid storage is designed to give you more space across all Google services that support extra storage (currently Picasa Web Albums and Gmail). If you run out of free storage in either service, you’ll automatically use the space you’ve purchased to store more pictures and messages up to your new storage limit,” Google explains in the Gmail FAQ.

“The free storage for each service is for that service only. Picasa Web Album’s 1 GB of free storage is for pictures only, and Gmail’s 2.9 GB (and counting) are just for Gmail messages. You can’t set aside shared storage space for one service - it will be used by any service that’s over its free storage quota on a first-come, first-served basis.”

At this time, you can easily buy new Google account storage size by paying $20 per year for 10 GB, $75 per year for 40 GB, $250 per year for 150 GB and $500 per year for no less than 400 GB. However, the Mountain View company recently announced that the storage size counter has been modified so the Gmail users will surely receive more space very soon.

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