22 Mei, 2007

50 Web Usability Tips

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Web usability is something that many site owners don’t pay enough attention to, even though it can be the key factor that will make your users come back over and over again.

Maki over at DoshDosh has spent a considerable amount of time compiling a list of 50 web usability tips, which he’s even taken the time to categorize. The post also has a list of additional references so that readers can really through themselves into the topic.

Some of the tips I found most interesting were:

1. Remove the ‘homepage‘ link on the homepage because it can increase navigational confusion. This will make the user doubt that the homepage is indeed the actual homepage.

2. Follow conventions for web design (”blue for hypertext links“) This will allow site visitors to mainly focus on your content instead of using their mental power to learn how to use your website.

3. Simplicity is Rule #1 for usability. The less features there are available in a design, the less there will be to compete for the user’s attention.

4. Try to mainly rely on typography instead of bloated designs and graphics. The goal is to enhance appearance without delaying the response time. The blandest sites can get the most page views and users.

5. Change the color of visited links. This will allow users to decide where to go next on your website. Links that don’t change color can cause navigational disorientation in users.

To read the full list click here

Offline Favorites in IE 7

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I must make a correction to a tip I ran last week about the Favorites feature in the new Internet Explorer 7. When I wrote that tip, I thought I was getting my information from a reliable source, but after receiving several e-mails from readers about this, I realized it was all wrong. To clear things up, IE 7 has completely removed the offline Favorites option from the Web browser.

If you want to read any Web content while you’re offline, you can still do it through a couple of different ways, but not through your Favorites. One way is to subscribe to an RSS feed. Many Web sites these days offer RSS subscriptions and once you apply for one, you can download the content and then read it offline if you wish. Another way to view your Web pages offline is to save the page as an HTML file. When you go to File, Save As, just choose .html as your Save As Type. You can then open that file on your computer regularly and read the content while you’re offline.

Yes, this may seem like a big pain to have to do, but at least there is an option when it comes to working offline in IE 7. I do apologize for my mistake and I appreciate all you loyal readers writing to me to let me know so I could correct it. I hope everything is cleared up well enough now!

Easy WiFi Radar v1.0.5

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Easy WiFi Radar helps you find and connect to open wireless access points with a single mouseclick. It's WiFi for Dummies. And we're giving it away. If you have ever tried to use Windows XP's built-in connection manager, you know what a hassle it can be to quickly check your mail or browse the web on the go. You need to browse through a list of access points, find one that you can connect to, manually try to connect to it, confirm the connection and then wait. Even if it says that's it connected, often it doesn't open a webpage or you mail will stall.

Easy WiFi Radar automates all of this.

It's main goal is to let you get your mail or surf the web without having to go through all of the connection trouble, and without having to pull your creditcard. Just run it and it'll connect you for FREE to the internet. It doesn't get easier than this.

Get your mail and browse the web without being charged. The ideal WiFi-tool for frequent travellers and mobile professionals. Easy WiFi Radar will connect to open hotspots automatically and shows you exactly what it is doing in a cool animated radar screen. Access points are represented as green, yellow or red dots. It plays a sound and opens your web browser as soon as it succesfully finds a free connection.

Download : Easy WiFi Radar v1.0.5

[SCREENSAVER] Space Trip 3D Screensaver

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Turn your screen into a teleport gateway to another world. The outstanding graphics and the enchanting space scenery with fascinating special effects and music make it very difficult to believe you are not actually there.

Space is a final frontier of mankind. It has always been enticing and man never ceased to search for ways to get to its darkest and coldest depths. Are we alone here in this universe? Embark on a journey never ventured before. Get to the very center of the Universe and discover new bright stars and mysterious planets on your way. See huge space stations and magnificent battleships on a voyage to conquer new civilizations.
Download Space Trip 3D Screensaver now and see it yourself.

*Colourful crisp graphics
Realistic environment
Amazing visual effects
Stereo sound FX/Music
Password protection
FPS counter
Pure enjoyment!


[SCREENSAVER] Space Plasma 3D v.1.5

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shows you off a colourful plasma effect also known as Plasma Sphere or Illuma Storm, complete with beautiful space scenes and ambient TECHNOmusic. Watch a space plasma object arriving from a galaxy far far away.

Photo-realistic colourful 3D graphics
Beautiful ambient music
Amazing space scenes
Plasma Sphere simulation
Digital Clock
Password protection
FPS counter for 3D hardware speed measurement
Gamma (screen brightness) control
Multimonitor support

Download :