10 Mei, 2007

Firefox Extensions that Cut Your Working Time in Half

Today as i was praying to make 100$ until the end of the month as i currently make a lame 60-67$/month something struck me, i work every day searching for new articles, thinking of new How Tos to make and while i do this i use lots of Firefox extensions that make my work last half of its normal time.

I cant imagine my internet life without these useful extensions, and all of you probably have a set of addons that you install as soon as you reinstall Microsoft Windows. Here are my personal favorites.

1. Search Status
Probably the most popular of all extensions at this time. Once installed a small status bar appears in the lower right corner. As you navigate from page to page the bar will indicate the page’s Google Page Rank and the Alexa Page Rank.
If you are interested, Install Search Status.

2. AdSense Notifier
Many of you probably use AdSense as the first source of income, as i do to. And many times we change the way we putt AdSense on the page, after that we check the AdSense account to see if anything has changed or if we made some extra money.

In order to save the time needed to go to Adsense page and log in and then check our money status, i use AdSense Notifier which after install, will appear right next to your Search Status bar showing you how much money you have and it will update at 15 minutes or more, depending on how you set it. You can install it from here: Install AdSense Notifier

3. DownThemAll
Probably the best download manager I’ve ever used payed or free. Very constant, no errors, fast and capabilities to get the download URL. Something that it’s a must if you download often, software or music/files. I found it very useful when the download button from a website was hard to find among ads and pop ups, so i saved the direct ftp address and later clicked on it and instant download at my disposal. Install DownThemAll

4.Gmail Manager
I use Gmail, yes i admit from my opinion is the best service mail, it has some problems with it spam training but it’s still the best. Why log in every time you want to see if you’ve got mail or open Thunderbird? maybe you open it for no reason and you’ve got no mail.

Another very useful extension for Firefox is Gmail Manager which is a small status bar right next to Search Status , which searches for mail in your account in 1 click or alerts you automatically when you’ve got mail.

Great manager that saves me some more time. Install Gmail Manager
In the bad days when i have to send mail, receive mail from bloggers, link exchange or any work that includes sending mail/receiving mail this extension is a wonderful time saver, I recommend it for anyone.

5. ShowCase
Use it! Especially if you are multitasking, it’s especially created for multitaskers, those of you that always have opened at least 20 tabs and 3 windows al over the screen, “alt-Tabbing” all over the place, seems familiar? I’m sure it does.

What does it do? it shows all the opened tabs and windows as thumbnails(F12), then you just click the one you want. Improves greatly the working time and saves you from clicking all the tabs to find the one you need it. But off course if you aren’t a multitasker it’s not for you. Install Showcase

6. FireBug
Webdeveloper? Then this is a must have, you can see the HTML of a certain page, it’s CSS, the scripts from the page and many more, a great extension for programers too. Install FireBug

7. Measurelt
For months i designed web pages without this wonderful tool until i got it from a fellow programmer, damn it spares some time!

Install it and it will appear in the lower left corner of the page. With it you can measure any button, any line or drawing and instantly find out it’s dimensions, it’s a life saver. Install Measurelt

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