22 Mei, 2007

[SCREENSAVER] Space Trip 3D Screensaver

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Turn your screen into a teleport gateway to another world. The outstanding graphics and the enchanting space scenery with fascinating special effects and music make it very difficult to believe you are not actually there.

Space is a final frontier of mankind. It has always been enticing and man never ceased to search for ways to get to its darkest and coldest depths. Are we alone here in this universe? Embark on a journey never ventured before. Get to the very center of the Universe and discover new bright stars and mysterious planets on your way. See huge space stations and magnificent battleships on a voyage to conquer new civilizations.
Download Space Trip 3D Screensaver now and see it yourself.

*Colourful crisp graphics
Realistic environment
Amazing visual effects
Stereo sound FX/Music
Password protection
FPS counter
Pure enjoyment!


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