22 Mei, 2007

Offline Favorites in IE 7

I must make a correction to a tip I ran last week about the Favorites feature in the new Internet Explorer 7. When I wrote that tip, I thought I was getting my information from a reliable source, but after receiving several e-mails from readers about this, I realized it was all wrong. To clear things up, IE 7 has completely removed the offline Favorites option from the Web browser.

If you want to read any Web content while you’re offline, you can still do it through a couple of different ways, but not through your Favorites. One way is to subscribe to an RSS feed. Many Web sites these days offer RSS subscriptions and once you apply for one, you can download the content and then read it offline if you wish. Another way to view your Web pages offline is to save the page as an HTML file. When you go to File, Save As, just choose .html as your Save As Type. You can then open that file on your computer regularly and read the content while you’re offline.

Yes, this may seem like a big pain to have to do, but at least there is an option when it comes to working offline in IE 7. I do apologize for my mistake and I appreciate all you loyal readers writing to me to let me know so I could correct it. I hope everything is cleared up well enough now!

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