22 Mei, 2007

50 Web Usability Tips

Web usability is something that many site owners don’t pay enough attention to, even though it can be the key factor that will make your users come back over and over again.

Maki over at DoshDosh has spent a considerable amount of time compiling a list of 50 web usability tips, which he’s even taken the time to categorize. The post also has a list of additional references so that readers can really through themselves into the topic.

Some of the tips I found most interesting were:

1. Remove the ‘homepage‘ link on the homepage because it can increase navigational confusion. This will make the user doubt that the homepage is indeed the actual homepage.

2. Follow conventions for web design (”blue for hypertext links“) This will allow site visitors to mainly focus on your content instead of using their mental power to learn how to use your website.

3. Simplicity is Rule #1 for usability. The less features there are available in a design, the less there will be to compete for the user’s attention.

4. Try to mainly rely on typography instead of bloated designs and graphics. The goal is to enhance appearance without delaying the response time. The blandest sites can get the most page views and users.

5. Change the color of visited links. This will allow users to decide where to go next on your website. Links that don’t change color can cause navigational disorientation in users.

To read the full list click here

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