17 Mei, 2007

Win Disk XP ~ Freeware

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WinDiskXP is another powerful product developed
by WEWARE which is designed for making emulate physical disks and emulate
CD on Windows. Based on the vitual driver technology of FileDisk, WinDiskXP
makes encryption disk secure and protect your data from stolen effectively.

WinDiskXP makes an emulate physical disk just as any other disk. You can
use it as usual disk, storing any files (e.g. documents or pictures and
movies),and opening these files directly from the emulate disk. You can
even install application on it.

What is WinDiskXP good for you? It makes emulate disked based on files.All
of your data writen to the emulate disk are storen into the file. So you
can create a emulate disk very conveniently and doesn't need to change your
hard disk partition.

What's more, you can create a encryption emulate disk yourself. When data
are written to the encryption disk, they will automatically be encrypted
and stored on the file. Nobody else can access to the data in encryption
disk without your password

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