16 Mei, 2007

Facilities of Clipboard in MS Office

MS-Office clipboard is used to copy and past the text, pictures and graphics. The copy of the text or picture is getting stored in clipboard. We can past that in any windows application. When coping any text it will overwrite that previous text. What can we do for copy more than on text in MS-Office? Answer this please.

It’s totally different from clipboard in windows operating system.

In MS-Office all the application software contains office clipboard. We will see the facility in this. If work based on cut, copy, paste command. We can store 24 items in this clipboard. While trying to copy the 25th item in the clipboard it will replace the first item from the clipboard.

Due to the following option the menu will automatically open.

1. When you cut or copy more than 2 items in a program
2. In a same program copy one text and past after that copy a text.
3. When you past the same item twice.

When office clipboard started the icon is displayed in the left side of status bar. To show the number of text you can go to edit menu and active it. In that it shows more facilities. To get that facility put tick mark in the facility.

1. To display the clipboard automatically. (No need to go edit menu)
2. When we press the Ctrl + c twice, it shows clipboard.
3. To get the facility even though it does not display.
4. To display the icon in the task bar.
5. To show the copy clipboard it display the status of copied item.

When we active Office clipboard in on office program it does not show other office program. The items are in office clipboard until the entire office programs are closed. Or we can delete it by clicking delete in the menu. We can delete the item selected from text. We can paste or delete the file by left click the item. If we press delete it will delete the item. If we select the past it will paste the item where the cursor is placed. If we paste all, it will paste all the items to the document.

Now a question arises in your mind. What is the difference between both the clipboards? Lets see the answer. While you pasting the items continuously in office clipboard the last item will store in operating system clipboard. When we delete all files in office clipboard the item in OS clipboard also get erased. When you are using (CTRL + V) and paste command it will paste content from operating system clipboard.

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