30 April, 2008


Skype is a program allowing telephone conversations via the Internet. Calls to other Skype users are free as well as calls to regular telephone and mobile telephone numbers all over the world are at a low rate.

29.04.2008 Skype for Windows

change: Updated Extras manager to version
change: Firefox plugin updated to version
change: Internet Explorer plugin updated to version
bugfix: Account creation without a valid email address was not communicated correctly
bugfix: Skype occasionally crashed on startup when some specific sound cards were set as windows default
bugfix: Skype did not always go to "Away" and "Not Available" status automatically
bugfix: After locking the screen, video froze or went blank
bugfix: When user was not able to connect he was forwarded to wrong webpage
bugfix: Windows Vista screensaver was not disabled during video call
bugfix: Any link containing "+" was not clickable in a chat
bugfix: Skype crashed when set web cookies got damaged
bugfix: Video resolution did not scale up correctly in some instances
bugfix API: App2App transfers were disabled when File Transfer was disabled
All localizations updated

02.04.2008 Skype Beta for Windows

known issue: Sending Voicemail to not authorized user fails
feature: New uPnP implementation
feature: Extras Manager 2.0
feature: Profile picture hidden by default on authorization request
Improvement: Audio calls quality
Improvement: Internet Explorer add-on updated
Improvement: Firefox add-on updated
Improvement: Skype4COM updated
change: Default video resolution for Pentium 3 and slower computers is 160x120 pixels
bugfix privacy leak: Moodmessage and online status exposure to web browser via internal interface
bugfix: Rarely contacts were lost after upgrade
bugfix: Public chat links did not work on Vista
bugfix: My video was froze on video call for some users
bugfix: Call went to Voicemail even if not selected it in options
bugfix: Sometimes video was black for receiver
bugfix: Sometimes video preview was frozen
bugfix: High Quality Video was not possible with Core2Duo E8200 CPU
bugfix: Users who have not logged in for long time were not found with search
bugfix: Rarely Skype crashed during file transfer
bugfix API: It was not possible to forward call if username had comma in it

Download : Skype

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