28 November, 2007

Seagate SeaTools 3.00.07 - Freeware - Windows All

Did you know that if you return a healthy disc drive for repair you give up all of your data? That's priceless information that can never be retrieved. Avoid that problem by downloading SeaTools today. SeaTools saves time, data and money by keeping disc drives healthy
in your system. Fact: more than 40 percent of returned drives are found
to be healthy.

SeaTools Desktop Edition features include:

Data safe tests
Tests most ATA and SCSI drives
Compatible with an Intel-based CPU
Creates a log of results
Prints Return Merchandise Authorization instructions and form
Error code explanations available on Seagate Web site
Creates self-booting diskette
Examines file structure analysis

SeaTools requires an Intel-compatible system with at least 8MB of RAM,
a floppy drive and VGA graphics or better.

Download : SeaTools

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