04 November, 2007

10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Windows Vista

Windows Vista is a rather heavy operating system with many neat features, but unfortunately they all come at a price. Right out of the box it requires a pretty hefty system to run (arguably). Before you run out and buy a new computer just so you can run your base operating system, check out these 10 Simple Ways To Speedup Windows Vista tips to lighten the load. This is just the first in the series, so many of them may be very apparent to those experienced in tweaking. If you’re still using Windows XP, then check out 10 Simple Ways To Speedup Windows XP.

This article details the following 10 tips:

1. Turn off UAC, or at least make it less annoying
2. Disable Aero
3. ReadyBoost
4. Tweak Indexing Service
5. While you are at it, fix the rest of your search options.
6. Get rid of the sidebar
7. Defender has a use?
8. Tweak your services
9. How to find out the next area for improvement – Tweak your programs
10. Not really a tweak but…

To learn more please read the entire article at its source: 10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Windows Vista

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