11 Juni, 2007

MacOS-X v10.4.8 for PC [INTEL & AMD]

MacOS-X 10.4.8 - JaS AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 incl. PPF1
for PC (INTEL & AMD)

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This will install MacOS-X on AMD and INTEL CPU

Both the AMD and Intel sides of the install have been slipstreamed to be up to date on security updates, itunes & QuickTime as of today.

Changes are :

- GMA900 kext loading errors are fixed
- GMA950 Working
- Nforce3 Pata/Sata working
- Via Pata/Sata working
- Intel Pata/Sata working
- jMicron ICH8 working
- Titan for ATI and Nvidia cards is included
- Ac97 sound working for any Ac97 sound device that was working before
- SoundBlaster 128 PCI card is working also with Ac97 kext
- Include the same HDA patches as before.
- And a whole bunch of other support is added in also.

Download :

The 3rd party driver list :

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